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Episode 94


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:16 Movie News
0:38:46 TV News
1:03:10 Merchandise News
1:09:57 Video Game News
1:10:59 Listener Q&A's
1:14:03 Closing



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2 thoughts on “Episode 94

  1. Jason Ritter

    Great Podcast first offto correct you guys about Nighting  Steven McQueen was Casted as Nightwing on Arrow he is Know from The Vampire Daries  now i have a question if Ben Affleck is doing a solo batman film who would you want as the villian in his first solo batman Film? Also who would you want to play The Joke in Ben Affleck's Batman Movies?


  2. Terence

    I would love to see Anarky as the first villian. It would fit with what is going on in the world and it would make the movie more of a street level and street crime movie. Also, it is something never done in the comics before. 


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