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Episode 97



Story: Batman: Cataclysm
Books Covered: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #73-74, Nightwing #19-20, Batman #553-554, Azrael #40, Detective Comics 720-721, Catwoman #56-57, Robin #52-53, Batman: Blackgate-Isle of Men, Batman: Huntress/Spoiler-Blunt Trauma, The Batman Chronicles #12 and Batman: Arkham Asylum-Tales of Madness



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  • Maluithil

    Hi, John. I've recently been listening through this Bat Books For Beginners series and, as a longtime fan of batman in movies and the animated series who only recently started reading actual batman comics, I love this podcast series. It has helped me fill in the blanks with continuity, as well as gain a sense of where I want to expand my little library. So far I've had the luxury of listening through these 90+ episodes as I please, and will now have to wait for each new episode as it comes out. I am especially excited for Road to No Man's Land and No Man's Land, as they are a couple of the first batman comic sets I came across.
    This particular episode and the ones before and after are helping fill in the background preceding No Man's Land, and I'm really enjoying them. Funny little thing- like many who hear about or read Cataclysm, I was disappointed when I heard the earthquake was supposed to be man made. It killed my suspension of disbelief, and it took away from the refreshing situation (seen also in Contagion) of the batfamily facing a situation it cannot solve with fisticufts.
    Funny side note, while a man made cataclysmic  earthquake is unbelievable, new research has recently connected unusual seismic activity in the US northeast to shale fracking in that area, presenting evidence for the first man-made earthquakes. Most of these have been small (2-3 on the scale), but a few have approached 4 or 5, greatly alarming watchdog groups.

    Thanks for the show, I can't wait for the next one!

  • Jon

    Yeah I have seen some of the incidents about fracking  and that was one of the things I did think of for the comics. There are a few papers coming out on the issue so I look forward to their findings on it. With the earthquake in Cataclysm it is a natural quake but about half way through they add the Quakemaster simply I thought as they had no villain. It just didn't work for me.