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Episode 97



BBFB: Batman: Bane


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:11 Comic News
0:14:14 Batman Beyond Unlimited #6
0:26:19 Nightwing #11
0:42:05 Batwoman #11
0:55:49 Catwoman #11
1:08:05 Birds of Prey #11
1:20:32 Red Hood and the Outlaws #11
1:35:15 Batman: The Dark Knight #11
1:49:23 BBFB
1:59:21 DCU Spotlight
2:05:04 Next Time…
2:05:31 Closing



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  • Alex Aguilera

    Yes! A shout out to that Batman vs Bane trade. Hopefully, more people read it.
    Okay guys, I'm going to have to check out Batman The Dark Knight. I haven't read any of the previous issues, but now I'm really intrigued.

    Excellent work guys! Keep it up!