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Episode 99



Story: Batman: Aftershock
Books Covered: Detective Comics #722, 724-726



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10 thoughts on “Episode 99

  1. Kevin

    After this it's No Man's Land right? I would love to hear Jon take on it seeing how he's notorious for not liking popular storylines.

  2. Jon

    Hi Kevin 
    I have two more sets of Aftershock comics to cover. Then the road to no mans land and a cat woman storyline. And after that we dive into no mans land. As for my review you will have to wait and see as to what I think of it. By popular story lines do you mean my dislike of Court of Owls and Cataclysm?

  3. Jon

    It wasn't that I disliked cataclysm. I think that the idea behind it is really good. The main issue with it was that it read like they had no idea about where they wanted to go with the story. For me it was that jarring addition of Quakemaster and his psydo science of being able to control the earthquake that really did it for me. It would have been a really good two-four issues but just not sixteen.
    What did you think of Cataclysm?

  4. Jon

    Go do it. I would be intrigued to see what you thought. If there is anything coming up that you want to talk about do feel free to post it and ill read it out. Especially if it is more mainstream than my views can be! Be really good to get a second view. I will try and post up the next few things ill be covering on the Facebook group.

  5. Maluithil

    Thanks for tackling the Aftershock issues this way. I find it hard to find more than a description of individual issues, and hard to fine reviews or commentary more specific than of the entire Aftershock set. As someone who has yet to read any of Aftershock, I find this breakdown helpful in deciding which if any I want to read or acquire.

  6. The Joker

    Hey Maluithill glad your enjoying the review. We thought we would break it down this way as it is easier to follow and also means that we can cover things in more depth. Giving you a feel of what is going on. I do recommend that you pick up the Detective issues as I like them a lot. I think Chuck Dixon is one of my favourite writers.


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