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EXCLUSIVE: C2E2: Jimmy Palmiotti on Batwing and All-Star Western

The next creator The Batman Universe talked with was Jimmy Palmiotti. Palmiotti just took over the writing duties on Batwing with writing partner Justin Gray. In addition to Batwing the two have also been writing Gotham's history since the New 52 began in the pages of All-Star Western. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.


Batwing #20On the decision to change the identity of Batwing:


Palmiotti stated that the main reason was to try and tie Batwing back into The Batman Universe. For awhile the title was coasting on its own and had little to do with what was going on with all of the other Bat-Books. Sales were a driving force to bring the title closer to The Batman Universe and not as much out on its own since its numbers were bringing it closer to possible cancellation.


On how much of the book will tie into The Batman Universe:


The book will be showing Luke still be chosen by Batman to take the mantle. Batman will have a larger role in the series through the first couple of issues as Batman is training Luke. The other element is that Luke's father, Lucius will not know the identity of Batwing and the relationship of the Fox family will also be explored.


On if Batman Incorporated ending will affect the title:


By bringing the character to Gotham and having him operate in Gotham there will be less emphasis on Batman Incorporated but the series will still have Luke working for Batman as David was when the series first began.


On how much freedom they have on All-Star Western when it comes to elements of The Batman Universe:


We are given a surprising amount of freedom. We do talk with other writers from the Batman titles to try and figure out what they can incorporate into the series to build the history of the universe. Moving forward with the series Jonah will be moving through time and eventually come to current time and Batman will be involved with Jonah.


Batwing #20 hits stores next week and All-Star Western #19 is in stores now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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