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Fabian Coming Back to Robin (Sort of…)

Editor's Note: Here is the final part of Suavestar's entry. Be sure to read the first two if you haven't already. And be sure to leave comments below on your thoughts of Fabian coming back.


Now for the big news, come June, Fabian Nicieza is coming to Red Robin. Most people will be happy about this news, as it means an end to the Chris Yost run on the book. I am one of those people; I am not a fan of Yost’s writing on the book.


I did not like it when Yost had the jumping around time in the first seven or eight issues, I did not like his writing of Tim Drake. I do not like the way he has still not given us any real justification for why Tim thought that Bruce was alive since issue 1, or why Lucius Fox was asking for Tim Wayne in issue 2. Yes, I know these questions will be answered by issue 12, but by that time, I will have stopped caring. His storyline, the grail, which has the first five issues of Red Robin, was average at best, and was plagued by his stupid jump cuts. His second storyline about Tim taking over the League of Assassins was perhaps even worse, because we were treated to flashbacks for a character nobody knew, or cared about. His current storyline with Tim back in Gotham is just as average as the other stories, except now, Tim is an annoying emo who I am slowly beginning to hate.


Fabian has written some good books over the years, like his run on Robin and his Cable/Deadpool run, which I am just getting into. However, most recently, he has been writing the Azrael series which has not been favorably received by many, but most of those are putting it down to the art, which is done by Ramon Bachs, who ironically started the art duties on the Red Robin series.


Fabian coming to the book can be a good can be seen as a good and a bad thing. I would rather wait and see what will happen and not get my hopes up to high, while still trying my best to enjoy what Chris Yost is putting out now.


Written by Suavestar

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