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Fabian Nicieza Talks Taking Batwing

Fabian Nicieza has been on and off of the Bat-Books over the last few years. This time around he is taking over Batwing after Judd Winick's departure. Newsarama talked with Nicieza about what can be expected from his upcoming story as well as how long he will be on the title.


Batwing #14Newsarama: What supporting characters are you getting to utilize as you write this story?


Fabian Nicieza: David's police precinct will be fleshed out a bit more with new characters, as will his partner Kia. She'll be heavily involved and not all too happy with what's going on. Batwing's operations engineer, Matu, will also play a big role… if he survives the ass-whoopin' David brings down on them.


Newsarama: Sounds like this has plenty of action too. Who are the villains of the arc?


Fabian Nicieza: Phillip Marksbury is an industrialist in the Lex Luthor mold, mining diamond, uranium, etc. He is big bucks and big politics and not a person to cross. So of course, David crosses him. We'll see the return of Dawn from recent issues, a woman with a past ties to David. And we'll introduce a new Sky-Pirate who should be a fun character. All of these characters are intended to pull at David/Batwing both emotionally and physically, testing him mentally and physically.


Newsarama: So let's get to the big question. Are you the new regular writer on Batwing?


Fabian Nicieza: I don't like the term "regular writer" any more. Rarely does it seem to fit. How about "irregular writer"? No, probably not. How about, I am writing an arc that should take us through issue #20. After that, we'll see.


For the entire interview, including some talk about how Nicieza came to be on the series, head over to Newsarama. Batwing #14 is in stores today.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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