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Finch Discusses TDK Delays

Newsarama has posted an interview with David Finch. finch has been writing and drawing the series Batman: The Dark Knight and has had an slight issue of time catch up with him. As of now, there has only been two issues released and has proved to be enough that DC has brought on Jay Fabok starting with issue five. Newsarama discussed this issue and other things related to his work. Here are the highlights.


Batman: The Dark Knight #3Newsarama: David, before we start talking about what's coming in Batman: The Dark Knight, let's get the schedule issue out of the way. Can you address the delays this comic has experienced?


David Finch: Really, most of it just comes down to me. It's a lot of work writing and drawing a comic, and I found that writing the book has turned out to be more work than I expected. And that's had an impact on time, for sure. We had some issues here, too, at the house that played into that.


I've been back on schedule for a bit. Unfortunately, it's not reflected in the book yet. But it will be really soon.


Newsarama: Is the comic going to come out every couple months going forward?


David Finch: I'd actually like to see it come out more regularly than that. It would be nice to see it coming out on a proper schedule, and that's something we're shooting for now. And it's something I'm capable of doing. The writing's getting more comfortable. And I sat down with editorial and we really took the time to hammer down exactly what the story is, going into the future for quite awhile.


This book is so important to me, and that's been a factor, you know? I want it to be done right. I'm glad we've worked it out as tightly as it is now. It started out tight, but I lost that. Changes were made, and those caused changes down the line. But I have a much better idea of what to expect when I sit down to draw a book now, and what I'm going to get out of the script that I write.


Newsarama: So just to clarify, Issue #3 is solicited for June 22nd. It's definitely finished?


David Finch: Issue #3 is finished, so that should be a firm date.


Newsarama: DC has announced that Jay Fabok is helping you out with penciling on issue #4 and #5. Is that going to be happening on an ongoing basis?


David Finch: No, not ongoing. He's just helping me out temporarily. I'm hoping he's going to be doing more with DC coming up, and he's doing some stuff for Aspen right now.


Newsarama: Since you said you've sat down with editorial and nailed down what will be happening in the comic long-term, can you tell fans anything about what's coming up?


David Finch: As people have seen in solicitations, Ragman plays a role coming up, but it's a little different, because he's possessed. The thing about Ragman is that he has the ability to incorporate souls into his suit, but that also gives him a real vulnerability. And he has his power reversed on him and he's trapped inside his own suit, and is being controlled by one of the souls that has taken him over.


Early on, I touched on venom, and that Croc is addicted to venom, and that's something that I'm really emphasizing going forward.


We've got another story thread where James Gordon is having a lot of trouble with a new guy at work. As things go forward, he plays a pretty major role in creating a lot of problems for Gordon.


And it all leads into a major villain coming up very, very soon, who been in the background since issue #1, and it has a lot more to do with venom on the streets.


Also coming up, you'll see me drawing Arkham Asylum, because addicts of Venom end up there, and Batman ends up having to go there because of rioting. There are some great visuals, and there are a lot of villains who are off the street right now, that I can take advantage of for a while before we put them back in their cells.


I think that's what I'm most excited about, is drawing Arkham Asylum.


For the entire interview, head over to Newsarama. As mentioned in the article, the next issue of Finch's Batman: The Dark Knight will hit stores June 22.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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