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Review: Forever Evil #3

Forever Evil #3The issue opens with Batman explaining to Silas Stone what happened when the Crime Syndicate came through the portal. Whilst he and Catwoman were tending to Victor, Deathstorm attacked Firestorm and manages to split the matrix that binds him together, as he implodes, all of Earth Ones’ heroes are sucked in to him. Inside S.T.A.R. Labs, Batman is asking if Silas can save his son again and because of the ways Victor was being kept alive as Cyborg, the two Doctors believe they can. The conversation then turns to an argument about whether Catwoman should be allowed entry to the operating room but it is interrupted by another broadcast by the Crime Syndicate, once again displaying Nightwing’s identity. Batman appears calm but leaves S.T.A.R. Labs to rescue his friend.


We cut to Metropolis where Lex Luthor, with uncoordinated help from Bizarro, is attempting to reconnect with one of his secret satellites orbiting Earth so that he can track the Crime Syndicate's actions without their knowledge.  After a communicative struggle, he manages it and as he begins to track Ultraman, we cut to him fighting Black Adam.


The two are battling over an ocean and Ultraman appears to be getting the upper hand so Black Adam uses his secret weapon; positioned under his attacker, Black Adam yells ‘SHAZAM!’ and strikes Ultraman with magical lighting. However, being the opposite of Superman, the magic gives Ultraman even more power, at which point he easily finishes him off. Despite winning the battle, however, Ultraman’s nose begins to bleed and he calls GRID to put him in contact with Metallo; presumably he is experiencing Kryptonite withdrawal.


We then cut to Central City where the Rogues are in an argument with Deathstorm and Power Ring. The Rogues have refused to destroy the city and are standing off against the two members of the Crime Syndicate, but, Power Ring is paranoid and fires upon them. They fight back and for just a second it looks promising before Deathstorm gets involved. He transmutes the air to hydrogen, limiting Heat Wave and Trickster’s attacks before using his powers to separate Captain Cold from his. The Rogues attempt to escape via Mirror Master but Power Ring shatters the glass that they were using as a portal and the group gets separated.


We follow Captain Cold as he crashes through a window to the ground a few stories below. In a puddle, there is a weak connection to Mirror Master who says they are safe from the Crime Syndicate for the moment but also shows how close Cold is to Luthor. We then cut to Luthor and Bizarro summoning Black Manta from the water, Manta is happy to do anything to throw the Crime Syndicate off course and it is at this point that Captain Cold catches up to Luthor. The issue ends with the group of characters coming together, with intent to save the world.


I don’t have as much to comment on for this issue; there was less intrigue and more straight-forward story telling that was overall enjoyable, but we’re still left with all the questions from the first two issues. I found a lot less subtlety in the plot development, and it wasn’t badly done, it just means I can’t delve as deeply in to the subtext as I have been because there isn’t any.


We see the start of an explanation as to where the Justice League are and we see how Batman managed to escape but I wasn’t expecting an in depth breakdown of the event, that will come later I’m sure but I hope it’s not blatantly expositional when it does. We see a brief continuation of Victor’s fate, which I appreciate, and we also get a nod towards Nightwing’s situation, although I do feel that this isn’t being touched upon enough so far in the series.


I continue to enjoy Lex in this series and his interactions with Bizarro have so far been entertaining. I also appreciate any time we spend with the Rogues, even if I’m not keen on their new power-set. That being said, with Deathstorm separating Captain Cold from his powers, will we see a return to the freeze guns? I hope so!


Despite my earlier comments on the writing of the issue, I do appreciate that the story is still moving along at a good pace and I continue to enjoy the plot, my issues with this issue come from the art. Despite the usual inconsistencies that I’ve come to expect from Finch, it was the coloring that really let down this issue. It was distracting in the opening pages to see Batman first fully cowled, then practically unmasked in the next panel. Later on, Captain Cold dyed his hair from the usual pale blond to brown, and then back again. Perhaps most distracting was Bizarro, who consistently swapped out his inside-out T-shirt for a long sleeved version. My reaction could be considered petty but I feel it’s valid when it takes away from the flow of the story.


Other than more comments about my general enjoyment of the issue and my excitement for the rest of the series, the only other thing that I have to say about Forever Evil #3 is that I hope Nightwing becomes more of a focus in the coming issues.


Forever Evil #3:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Joe Jinks

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