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Review: Forever Evil: Arkham War #4

Here we have William Cobb, a Talon, sleeping in his chamber, peacefully, while Bane is talking to him. Trying to coax him into waking up. Bane quickly gives up, pulls Cobb out of the chamber, and starts shaking him until he wakes. This ends up working more quickly, and Bane shows him around his lair, and convinces Cobb to be his crime fighting partner.


They come upon a group of villains taking each other on. Similar to last issue, on villain takes down another, only to be taken on by another, and another. Bane and Cobb swing into action, and Cobb handles himself well, while Bane specifically seeks out Zsasz. He grabs Zsasz by they head, and drags him away, telling Cobb they have what they need.


The new dynamic duo come across a kid and his mother being threatened by a man with a gun, and they take him out. Bane says that he is their new protector, and invites the citizens of Gotham to go to "Bane Tower", and that he will train Gotham's people to be able to defend themselves, so that they will no longer live in fear.


Bane interrogates Zsasz to find the location of Scarecrow, and Talon asks what Bane plans on doing. Bane lets Cobb know that he made a deal with the Court of Owls. He conquers Gotham, then turns it over to the Court in exchange for an army of Talons, which he will power with venom, and conquer everything outside of Gotham.


Meanwhile, Freeze, Scarecrow, and a no-name villain named Vortex are waking the Talons in a much different way than Bane. They are doing it slowly, because these guys are so delecate. With a combination of Hatter's mind control, and fear toxin, the have control over the remaining Talons, and they plan on taking back Gotham.


We are now coming to the climax of this series, and I am excited tosee what is coming for Gotham. Bane offering to house, and train the citizens of Gotham is a very cool idea, and stratigically, it makes sense. Instead of having these people constantly being victims, why not train them to be soldiers, in a way. I like where this series seems to be going. My only issue, and it's a big deal, is how drawn out this series has felt so far. It seems like the past four issues have crept along, with very little happening. At this point, I feel like it could have been better done in about four total issues instead of six, having more things happening in each issue.


Forever Evil: Arkham War #4:


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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