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Review: Forever Evil: Arkham War #5

Well, with just two issues to go, Tomasi's story for Gotham's villians has finally picked up. Whether it pays off, we'll have to wait a month to see, but this issue was the best of this series yet. We can definitely see the shout outs to Frank Miller's DKR in this story for sure. Scot Eaton's art in this, is also the best we have gotten so far. It's very dynamic and fun to read, and I think the colors in this issue made it pop. Tomasi also continued the trend that Snyder started with his run, in that Batman apparently, still, doesn't like horses.


Gordon, and Agatha are rescuing civilians by sending them in rafts across the ocean to get to the other side of the city, safe from the villians who are destroying the city. The Talons are DESTROYING everyone and everything in their path. It's not even a contest. Bane joins in the fight, and is enjoying it, mentioning that he doesn't want the fight to end. Cobb shows up with a few horses (looking straight out of DKR) and they make their escape. The mind controlled Talons attack, nailing Bane and his horse with knives and arrows. Bane fights, but is taken down by the group, but Cobb saves him by taking out the whole group with a helicopter blade. Cobb says that the regeneration process they'll have to go through will do away with the mind control. Bane has Cobb collect the Talons while he goes after Scarecrow.


Team Arkham is at Scarecrow's place, when he reveals to them all that he has taken a sample of venom after scratching Bane's foot back in issue #2, and has injected it into air particles in the room. Now Bane will have to fight the entire Arkham team while they are jacked up on venom.


Again, this issue was the best yet. Let's hope for a great finish.


Forever Evil: Arkham War #5:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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