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Review: Forever Evil: Arkham War #6

It all ends here. The big finale. The grand crescendo. This was a big letdown. To me, you can make or break a story based on how it ends, and this ending didn't deliver. Bane finally goes back to his own persona instead using the Batman identity, which was refreshing. I almost forgot that Bane was actually Bane. He has his own identity, and him turning back to that was nice. But Bane's Talon allies don't pay off in the end.


Eaton lacked the storytelling capabilities in the fight between Bane and Croc issues ago, but drastically improves here between Bane and the venomized Arkhamites, but Tomasi's story falls flat. The ending of the fight is sudden and anti-climactic. And if you are a Scarecrow fan, you will probably be upset. This story doesn't show his genius, and he is disposed of easily. And by the last page, I'm not even sure if Crane is even alive. It doesn't appear to be so.


Forever Evil: Arkham War #6:


1.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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