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Fridolfs on BAC: End Game

Batman: Arkham City may have been released over six months ago and there may be a Game of the Year edition being released next week, but things have been busy in the Batman: Arkham City digital series. A weekly chapter has been released ever since the game first came out and tomorrow marks the beginning of a new story arc entitled End Game. It delves into the final moments of the game as well as what takes place afterwards. Writer Derek Fridolfs talked with IGN about what we can expect from this new story arc.


Batman: Arkham City Unhinged #3IGN: The conclusion of Arkham City left fans in a place they’ve never really been before – a world without the Joker. What captivates you about the story possibilities that this opens up for Batman?


Derek Fridolfs: It's been fun getting the chance to write stories in the Arkham-verse, set up by the two games. But they've been confined to a very distinct time period, either during the game or flashbacks to before the games. With End Game, we finally get a chance to do something that the fans have been wanting to see… what happens after the game. And that in itself, is very captivating. I'll say this… within the opening two pages of End Game, we'll finally get the answer to to the most asked question: Is Joker really dead or is he alive?


IGN: What kind of reaction does Batman have to Joker’s death? Could it be his guilt is Joker’s last laugh?


Derek Fridolfs: It's been one long night for Batman in Arkham City. And one long life having to deal with the Joker and all their encounters together. In the game, we go from Batman being fine with dying by poisoned blood if it meant the Joker died as well, to Batman saying after all they'd been through, he would've given Joker the cure had he not stabbed him to drop it. That's quite a range I think. And the idea of Joker's effect to those around him, whether he's present or not, is something that will be addressed in the story in a unique way.


IGN: How directly will this story be tied to the Harley Quinn DLC and/or any future installments of the Arkham franchise?


Derek Fridolfs: It's definitely a nice companion to Harley's Revenge, while not being limited just to that. We will see how Harley reacts after the ending to Arkham City and sets up her story for the DLC. But I'd say this is mainly a very personal Batman and Joker story, along with Jim Gordon who plays a crucial role.


For the entire interview, including what Harley Quinn's role in the arc is, head over to IGN. Batman: Arkham City's next digital chapter will be available tomorrow, May 22.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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