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Gail Simone Talks Batgirl with IGN

Gail Simone's first issue of Batgirl debuts today and is already expecting a second printing. Though there have been many interviews talking about Barbara's new role, IGN asked a couple of new questions in their interview today.


Batgirl #1IGN: We know that Barbara is fresh out of college and prepared to make her way in the world. Will you be dealing with her life outside of being Batgirl?


Gail Simone: Absolutely, Jim Gordon plays a significant role, as well as… well, some other notorious Gothamites. And she's got some new friends. And she's dating for the first time in a while, and it turns out she's terrible at it.


Again, it's weird that Barbara Gordon, one of the most loved females in comics, has never had her own ongoing series. I get that BOP was hers, but I always saw that as a team book.


IGN: Recently, Barbara played a large part in the Stephanie Brown Batgirl series. While we've gotten a hint here or there, do you have any interest in rekindling that relationship or integrating past Batgirls like Stephanie and Cass Cain into other series?


Gail Simone: When the relaunch was announced, a lot of readers naturally became concerned about their favorite characters, and we sort of responded badly by saying they were, "benched," which I think gave the wrong impression, like they'd be forgotten. Steph and Cass shouldn't be benched, they've earned their place and are great characters. So I said, don't be surprised if no one else uses them, if they show up in Batgirl.


But thinking about it, and hearing from so many Steph and Cass fans, I think they deserve better than occasional guest shots. Some other writers agree. Can't say too much, but the hope is to get them both unbenched soon.


For the entire interview, including talk about how Barbara is not as linked to the Waynes as one may think, head over to IGN. Batgirl #1 is in store now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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