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Batman Universe Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just days away and if you are a last minute shopper then here is the gift guide for you.


Chances are if you are a frequent visitor to this site then you are either a Bat-Fan yourself or have a Bat-Fan in your life. If so why not look for these items to make their Father's Day that much better.


Superman: Hall of Heroes Nomination



It may not be Batman related by Warner Bros. rolled this out this last month. Even though some may have a quarm with Superman, who wouldn't want to be nominated in to the Hall of Heroes? Superman Hall of Heroes is an online initiative that empowers fans to honor personal heroes that have made a positive impact on their lives or the lives of others. Inspired by Superman and designed to honor the values the iconic Super Hero champions, the Superman Hall of Heroes program offers a fun and inspirational way for fans to pay tribute to their heroes by submitting their photo and story online to www.SupermanHallofHeroes.com where it will be showcased in perpetuity. Packages range from $4.99-$49.99.


ICUP Batman Be the Hero Apron



Most people think of barbeques when thinking of dads, so why not honor Dad by making him look like his favorite hero when cooking? Available for $21.99 each.


Cufflinks Inc Batman Money Clip



Who hasn't hit Dad for money? Why not let him clip his money (that you'll borrow) in style? These antique silver-plated and enamel clips, available in Batman or Superman, are sure to be a hit. Available online for $45.00 each.


Bespoke Neck Ties



One of the most common Father's Day gifts is a tie. So instead of getting a ugly pastel color, give your father a little action with these neck ties. Available online and at retail ranging $29.99-$49.99.


Cufflinks Inc Batman 4GB USB Cufflinks



These cufflinks are multi-function with not only the ability to hold your shirt together, but also to hold your data. Load these up with your favorite memories and then your dad can take them everywhere. Available for around $200 a pair.


Accutime Watch Batman Wrist Watch



Finally, was it your dad who always taught you that being on time was important? Well, this moderately priced watch is good enough for dad and inexpensive enough for you to buy yourself one too. Available at retailers nation wide and online for $19.99.


Have some other ideas that should be shared? Leave your perfect Father's Day Batman Universe gift below to share with other Bat-Fans.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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