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Gotham Season 2 Episode 5 Details, Images and Clips


The fifth episode of the season of Gotham airs tonight at 8PM ET/CT on Fox with “Scarification”. Fox has released a number of screens and videos to promote tonight’s episode.


Synopsis: Galavan and Penguin join forces with a dangerous family in Gotham. Then, as the rivalry between the Waynes and the Galavans resurfaces, Gordon struggles to maintain order in the city in the all-new “Rise of the Villains: Scarification” episode.


Guest Cast: Chelsea Spack as Kristen Kringle, Lenny Platt as Luke Garrett, Paulina Singer as Josie, Ian Quinlan as Pinkney, Lucas Salvagno as Martinez, Michael Potts as Sid Bunderslaw, Michelle Veintmilla as Bridgit, Leo Fitzpatrick as Joe Pike, Noah Robbins as Evan Pike, Mary Joy as Edwige, Ron Rifkin as Father Creel





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