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First Look at Gotham’s New Poison Ivy and Mad Hatter



Well Gotham is certainly trying to shake things up in Season 3. Not only are we being introduced to the Mad Hatter and Court of Owls, but Poison Ivy will be transformed from child into fully grown adult for the new year. Taking on the plant lover’s mantle is actress Maggie Geha, whose growth will be explained away as a result of a run-in with one of Indian Hill’s monstrous escapees.


Gotham, ep303, "Look Into My Eyes"


Likewise, Benedict Samuel of Walking Dead fame will be portraying the mind controlling Jervis Tetch (Hatter), who arrives in Gotham desperately looking for his sister Alice who disappeared in the city some years ago. You can check out the first images of both below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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