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Gotham Season 4 Details Hint at Proto Batman, New Villains

If the preview released by DC Entertainment is any indication, the fourth season of Gotham is going to be when Batman begins.

Check out the full video for interviews with the cast and creators but for those of you who just want the details, we happen to have them for you right here (spoilers ahead):

  • Jim Gordon and Sofia Falcone (Alyson Reed) team up to take on the Penguin
  • Bruce finally dons a mask and becomes a vigilante, one that Gordon will be at odds with. A new poster also reveals the tagline “A Dark Knight” so we’re getting closer and closer to full-on Batman.
  • Tabitha begins to mentor Selina Kyle in the ways of proper whip cracking
  • Scarecrow, Cyrus Gold, Professor Pyg, and Ra’s al Ghul will be the main villains highlighted this season
  • Barbara, of course, is not dead. Remains one of the best parts of the show
  • Not even the actor portraying him can decide on one pronunciation of “Ra’s”

The new season being Thursday, September 21. Take a look at the new trailer below if you want a bit more hype as well.

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