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First Look at Gotham’s Professor Pyg and His Surprising Ally



When Professor Pyg comes to Gotham, he’s got one mission: kill corrupt cops. And since Jim Gordon is the cleanest cop the city has ever seen, Professor Pyg will view him as more ally than enemy. According to USA Today, which also provides the first pics of actor Michael Cerveris dressed in a comic-accurate pig mask and apron,  while Gordon’s colleagues turn on him when it’s clear he’s not on the kill list, Pyg views the detective as a kindred spirit.”


Rather than being a one and done antagonist, Pyg will reoccur throughout the season, where “his Gotham agenda and what led him on this deadly path will be slowly teased out leading to a ‘horrific reveal.'” No word yet on where that agenda will lead, or which characters will succumb to his killer brand of torture.


Oh, and just in case his motivations don’t get viewers to tune in, actor Cerveris promises that when Pyg comes up against Penguin, the swine-masked villain will prove he has other talents when he busts out a song and dance number. I guess even Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery finds time to take in a little musical theater.


Professor Pyg comes to Gotham next week on October 26.

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