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Gotham Spring Return Trailer Hints at Things to Come

While not returning until the spring, Fox has released a new trailer for Gotham, that offers a bunch of new hints as to what our heroes and villains are going to get themselves mixed up in. Check out the trailer below along with a few notes about what is shown:

  • First off is a glimpse of Jerome, who now has full “Heath Ledger as Joker” scars throwing down a Joker playing card inter-cut with Bruce examining his own vigilante mask.
  • Barbara has a new do and is warning Jim about looking for something he doesn’t want to find. This leads into Jim threatening Sofia Falcone and her in turn threatening Leslie.
  • The Penguin, meanwhile, doesn’t bow down to threats from Jerome and instead resorts to fisticuffs to take down the proto-Joker.
  • Selina in some really fancy clothes alongside Barbara and Tabitha, hinting perhaps at a darker path of the young Catwoman.
  • The newly recast Poison Ivy confronting Bruce, who recognizes her just as she goes in for a kiss. Let’s hope those lips aren’t poison as well.
  • There’s also a quick shot of a mask that perfectly resembles Bruce’s face. Perhaps this face will be worn by Tommy Elliot who recently reappeared on the show.


Are you excited for the show to return and what other DC shows are you hoping to catch up on in the meantime? Sound off in the comments below.

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