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Gotham Releases New Trailer Hinting at Batman and Showing Off Poison Ivy’s Return

We’ve still got just under a month until Gotham’s return (March 1), but that hasn’t stopped Fox from giving us hints at what’s to come. Take for instance this new five-minute sneak peak. The first half gives us a pretty good summary of the current season up to this point including Penguin’s takeover of the city, Bruce’s evolution into a vigilante, Sofia’s meddling in the affairs of everyone, and villains such as Freeze, Jerome, Grundy, Barbara, and Riddler all showing up. Take a look at the trailer below and we’ll break down some of the new stuff (at the 3-minute mark) that is shown:

  • Bruce keeps inching closer to becoming Batman, and we see a man in a cape, while Jim Gordon tries to convince young Wayne of the support system around him. Later in the trailer, we see a hallucination/vision of the caped man vanish into a swarm of bats.
  • Sofia and Leslie are looking to be butting heads while Selina and Bruce are teaming up.
  • Penguin and Jerome might be forming some sort of alliance, with Jerome just wanting someone to make him laugh.
  • Ivy Pepper returns and she looks to have a poison touch because she kills someone in a really unique way.  I’m digging Peyton List in the role, where she seems to walk a really really fine line between campy and dangerous.
  • With news and rumors saying that Jerome is not actually the Joker, the trailer tells a completely different story. From the laugh to the slashed smile, it’ll be interesting to see how they shift away from him, or if the producers are lying and Jerome goes full Joker once and for all.


Gotham, subtitled A Dark Knight, returns March 1st on Fox.

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