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Rumor Mill: Logue Offered Gotham Role


A few days ago, Latino-Review broke the news that Donal Logue was offered the role of Detective James Gordon on the upcoming Gotham TV show. However, Logue tweeted a response to that claim stating the news was untrue. Now, Latino-Review has updated their claim by stating that Logue is now offered the role of Detective Harvey Bullock. According to the Latino-Review writer, El Mayimbe, received a tip from a source who mentioned that Logue was offered a certain role on Gotham. The writer assumed that Logue was going to be given the role of Gordon and did not ask for which role he is supposed to be playing.


El Mayimbe tweeted Logue to apologize for the confusion, and Logue responded with "Ha, no problem. It's only bad if they ain't talking about you." Now, this does not confirm that Logue will be playing any part in Gotham nor does it denied the rumor. However, the actor has concluded his role as Lee Toric on the Sons of Anarchy that has just ended. He played the venegful former U.S. Marshall against the motorcycle club. So, Logue has the potential to play as Det. Bullock who is the somewhat anti-hero Gotham cop, if this rumor is to become true.


Posted by Kristina Collins

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