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Review: Gotham: The Scarecrow

Gotham-ep115_scn33_24573_hires2In “The Scarecrow”, Gotham returns to a multi-story episode. This move is a detriment to the show’s quality.


Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock continue to track down Gerald Crane (Julian Sands), who is harvesting adrenal glands to inoculate himself and his son, Jonathan (Charlie Tahan), from fear. Meanwhile, Gordon’s relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins is put to the test when she becomes the GCPD’s new medical examiner. Bruce Wayne sprains his ankle while going on hike he traditionally took with his father. Fish Mooney wakes up in an underground prison. Falcone negotiates with Maroni to keep The Penguin alive, while Cobblepot is busy preparing to re-open the club.


The main issue with his episode is that not one of the stories featured in “The Scarecrow” is strong enough to carry the episode. Each story is lackluster, but not outright terrible. The issue is not that the stories are boring; the problem is that they lack enough intrigue to deserve the focus of the episode.


The plot line following Gerald Crane is particularly disappointing. Crane’s story was doomed by questionable writing and sub-par acting from Tahan. There was a large amount of build up for the episodes dealing with the Cranes. Yet, neither episode did the character of the Scarecrow justice.


A bright spot of the episode is when Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma meet. Their conversation is a delight to watch. Nygma is friendly, offering up a riddle for the Penguin, who is not pleased to be bothered by someone he believes to be far beneath him. Their banter is easily the highlight of a disappointing episode.


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  • Avery

    Oh man! I must respectfully disagree. There were indeed a lot of storylines in this episode but it still came together to feel much less segmented than the early episodes. It seems we have a core cast now and have moved some other characters to the side for the sake of the primary plot.

    Bruce/Alfred – I always love seeing Bruce on screen because for me it is fun to extrapolate his actions and upbringing and visualize what kind of Batman he’d become. In this episode in particular the way he casually states that “Selena is not easily rattled and is telling the truth” showed a sense of calm understanding that was very familiar to me. Also Alfred, come on he’s awesome. It’s so cool to see how Bruce would come to trust Alfred in the way he does and moments like the one they shared illustrate that very well in my opinion.

    Jim/Harvey/Leslie – This is an interesting dynamic and I have to say that seeing a young Leslie is refreshing. She is one of those characters that seems to live right on the boundary of the Bat-family in some books but I never really had any sense for how she came to be so trusted. So I think seeing her and Jim’s relationship grow and then become much more of a dependent one will be cool insight into how she develops as the character we all know.

    Falcone/Maroni – This was cool to me. There stakes are getting pretty high at this point and there are so many backs being stabbed that this is easily the most exciting part of the episode to me just because at any point i feel like things could explode.

    Oswald/Edward – Oswald was Oswald and Edward was Edward ehich is a compliment. The characters have been intriguing to me since the beginning and seeing them interact was rewarding. The interaction didn’t seem fruitful, they didn’t really hit it off at all but I am excited to see how or if their relationship grows at all.

    Cranes – I really liked this take on Scarecrow. I think they captured the essence of the Gotham Rogues gallery which is that nearly all of them can be sympathised with. The reason Crane sought to eliminate fear was noble, although his methods were far from it. Even if you have no sympathy for the father then certainly for the son who was just another victim of his father.

    Fish – This story was kind of break from the rest of the action. She’s separate in almost every possible way. She’s outside of Gotham, she’s interacting with brand new characters and all of our current characters think she’s dead. So she is really her own story right now and we really only got to read the first page of that new story. It does look interesting, I’ll wait and see.

    All in all I loved this episode. All I need is a little more Selena and a little more Essen.