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WonderCon: Gotham Hints at Season 2



WonderCon has come and gone and one of the major panels for TBU was the Gotham panel. On Saturday afternoon, Gotham held a special video presentation with a number of the cast on hand along with some of the producers.


While the video presentation showcased what has already happened and what is left in the final episodes, that begin airing next week, the real highlights were the hints at what could be coming in season 2.


John Stephens, one of the producers for the show hinted at two large storylines that could occur in the sophomore season of the show. The first being the creation of the Bruce Wayne character as a billionaire playboy and separating the role the Bruce has with the public compared to how he is in private. The other storyline mentioned was a further look at the Jerome character played by Cameron Monaghan.


There were also some reveals at some of the characters that could wither reappear on the show or appear for the first time. Some of the characters returning could include Tommy Elliot. New characters that could be introduced include the Mad Hatter, Clayface, Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange. Stephens also mentioned that they have discussed using the Court of Owls but nothing has been set in stone.


So what do you think of all of the new characters being introduced? Are you excited or wish they would pace themselves?

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  • RedRobinDC

    WHAT IS THE POINT of this show? In Smallville, we had payoff after ten years. Clark suited up and took off. But if we aren’t going to see Batman, what is the point of my wasting an hour a week on a show that doesn’t have the payoff?