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Greg Capullo On Death of the Family

Greg Capullo has been on Batman since the very beginning and although taking one month off for issue twelve, Capullo returned this month with the zero issue. Next month, the Joker story arc, "Death of the Family", begins in Batman #13. Comic Book Resources talked with Capullo about the upcoming story, but also the recent announcement of die-cut covers for the other series involved in the crossover.


Batman #13CBR: You're also working on a series of special die-cut covers for "Batman" and many of the tie-in titles. They themselves tie into the concept of Joker’s new face, but who dreamt up this scheme, and what was your initial reaction to it?


Greg Capullo: [Co-Publisher] Dan DiDio and [Art Director] Mark Chiarello. Dan actually mentioned it to my wife first. I later talked about it over dinner and he sold me. Dan is so enthusiastic about all of this stuff. It's contagious!


CBR: In the past, things like character designs mean the final product can be a little more unfinished to get the idea across to your peers. Here, you’re working on a number of different complete pieces for the public. What are you doing here to keep each one unique while also using the die-cut idea to its fullest? Do you have a favorite so far?


Greg Capullo: Well, it was a bit of a challenge. The die cut itself had to have straight edges. The other challenge was working within the limitation of using only have of a characters face and reusing the same angle for all. Trying to show individual personalities within these confines. I think I pulled it off. As for favorites…is that a trick question?


CBR: We know that the story involves Joker targeting members of the Batman family, and he'll likely bring along some different villains as well. What's it like to be looking at an arc that expands the cast out in some ways. Is this more like drawing a team book in this arc than a "Batman versus villain" kind of story?


Greg Capullo: First off, I don't know what's coming really on the full story, so I'm not sure what other villains may be showing up. But to me, this whole thing is nothing but a party. I don't think too much about any of those issue is the truth. When I get the script, I try and let the movie of the story play in my head. Then I pick out a few stills and go, "Okay, how can I translate that so it looks like a comic book page?" To me, that's nothing but a party. I don't give it as much thought as people would like to give me credit for. I just let my gut take over and have fun.


For the entire interview, including talk about the Court of Owls, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batman #13 hits stores next month.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • John

    I am relatively new to comics.  First, I don't understand what a die-cut cover is.  Also, will these come with the issues or purchased separately.

    • Die-cuts are like half covers that go over the normal cover. They don’t cost anything extra, they are just for show. Think of it like a dust cover on a hardcover book, but only covering half the book.