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Greg Pak Talks Batman/Superman

Greg Pak recently sat down with Comic Vine to talk about his upcoming Batman/Superman book. He also talks about how it relates to Justice League #1 and Batman and Superman's first meeting, their friendship, Jae Lee's art, and a whole lot more!


Batman/Superman #1Comic Vine: How will the first meeting between Batman and Superman relate to JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.


Greg Pak: All will be revealed in the fullness of time. Have no fear. We know what you're thinking. It will all make sense in the end. In the meantime, enjoy seeing Batman and Superman as young, raw, dangerous, new heroes coming face to face. It's a crazy and different kind of meeting for the two of them. It's gonna be a ton of fun.


Comic Vine: Can we assume they won't necessarily get along at first?


Greg Pak: Yes, yes, that is an excellent assumption. [laughs] This takes place around the time of Grant Morrison's ACTION COMICS #1. So Superman is very young. He's fairly new to Metropolis and fairly new to being a superhero. I just love the way he's depicted in those early Morrison issues. He's young, he's cocky. He's a real crusader. He sticks up for the underdog. He may make mistakes and go too far. He's not yet at his full power. He's leaping over buildings in a single bound rather than flying. He has very interesting limits as well, which is a lot of fun for Superman. You take a guy like that and you let him meet a very early Batman. Each of these guys, when meeting the other guy, is immediately going to think, 'My god, who is that guy?' and 'That guy is the most dangerous guy I've met in my life.' Batman is looking at a guy who can literally smash through a wall with his bare hands and can burn you to death with his eyes. When Superman sees Batman for the first time, he sees this crazy guy dressed in a bat-suit and beats up criminals. Neither has seen anything like the other guy. They also immediately assume the other guy is incredibly dangerous. So it sets up a very pretentious first meeting and relationship. It's just a very fun place to start with these characters.


Comic Vine: I know you haven't mentioned specifics on the first threat they face but can you tell us if it's someone familiar or someone new?


Greg Pak: I will say that this person comes from a corner of the DC Universe that DC fans definitely know and will hopefully be very excited to see us explore it. But they may not have actually seen this person before. Obviously it's a very exciting character for us to introduce. We think it's going to open up some pretty tremendous opportunities for stories for DC fans to get excited about.


To read the entire interview click here! Batman/Superman will hit stores on June 5.


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