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Happy Valentine's Day

We normally would not be wishing holiday wishes especially on Hallmark holidays, but this year we have a couple of things that are happening in the world of The Batman Universe for this time of the year.


We have released a special over at The Batman Universe Specials that showcases the relationships within The Batman Universe. Our resident Shipper specialist, Stella leads the discussion that covers past, present and future relationships. And those who are thinking it is just a love fest, familial relationships are explored as well.


But that brings me to my next point. Speaking of Stella, back during the TBU Five Year Anniversary Special, a specific comment was made about a certain book that relates to the number of shades of a color. You may have heard another mention of it at the end of the last Comic Podcast as well. So, this season, guys, maybe it is time to jump the fence and try something that girls have enjoyed since they are enjoying the comics that we have so long been associated to being the only sex that reads them. After all, Batman took a chance.


Batman Reading Fifty Shades of Gray


This was actually made by our very own Joe Jinks from the Comic Cast. So, if you are single, in a relationship or married, enjoy today in one way or another.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Donovan Grant

    Who knew Joe was such a solid artist!

  • Jon Roke

    You never saw the picture Joe did for Dustins Birthday. That was a good one as well.

  • Kevin

    Maybe a DC editor will see this and hires Joe.