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Jimmy Palmiotti Talks Gothtopia and Harley Quinn

Jimmy Palmiotti (co-writer of BatwingHarley Quinn, and All-Star Western) sat down with Comic Book Resources to discuss the future issues of Batwing and Harley Quinn. According to the solicitations, Batwing will be tied into John Layman's (writer of Detective Comics) "Gothopia" that will reveal personal and emotional character development for Luke Fox.


It's really simple: Batwing is tied into the city of Gotham, his family lives there and his father is Lucius Fox. We have many personal events that tie into what the bigger picture of the event is, and Justin and I will be taking Luke to some very dark places with his personal life and the world he will be introduced to. We had to be part of this story and are super happy that we get a say and a chance to tie our book into everything going on. It ties into all the titles and events happening in the other books cross over with Batwing.


The next Batman event, "Gothopia," will begin in January 2014 tying into BatwingBatgirlCatwoman, and Birds of Prey. Palmiotti is co-writing the new Batman comic book title, Harley Quinn, with Amanda Conner. He states that for the first year, they will try to establish a lot for Harley in own comic book.


So far, we are establishing who she is, where she lives and how she makes a living. After that, it's her continuing adventures and, I have to be honest, not a single person is going to know where we are going with the series. It is a very non-traditional superhero book — at times, it will be all things and none. We have a lot planned, some crazy new characters and some old friends stopping by. Our goal is to make every single Harley fan happy on some level. A lofty goal, we know — but we gotta try.


There might be some character appearances from Catwoman and Poison Ivy who have been part Harley's character development pre-New 52 in Paul Dini's Gotham City Sirens. 2014 seems to be hitting it big for Batwing and Harley Quinn.


Posted by Kristina Collins

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