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Harley Quinn #0 Takes Top 10 + Issue #1 Variant

Harley Quinn #0 debutted November 2013 and while some fans were skeptical of the how well the series would do. It appears that the series took Top 10 comic books for November.


According to Diamond Comic DistributorsHarley Quinn #0 took second place behind Scott Snyder's Batman #25 beating all Marvel comic books. Usually, Batman does take the first and/or second place with a Marvel book close behind or upfront. So, this bit of news is a bit of a shocker. We will still have to consider the factors as to why Harley Quinn did so well in November. One of the factors is that this series has just begun, this is not to knock the wonderful news. However, one must be very realistic of situation. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (co-writers of Harley Quinn) will still have to entice the fans to continue to read and buy future issues. From previous interviews, the Palmiotti has addressed that they will both try to establish Harley's first year. It is still wonderful news that a DC book has done well without the help of Scott Snyder or DC tie-in events.


More Harley Quinn news, it seems that a variant for Harley Quinn #1 has been leaked on Reddit. Adam Hughes (cover artist) who has done covers for multiple comic book titles such as pre-New 52 Catwoman and Fairest. He took the pleasure of illustrating Harley Quinn #1 variant. 


Posted by Kristina Collins

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