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Higgins on Night of Owls

Comic Book Resources continues their series of interviews pertaining to the Night of Owls crossover with Kyle Higgins. Higgins will not only be a part of the crossover in May, but the story actually begins in issue eight in April. Higgins talked with CBR about the ties between Batman and Nightwing, with not only the characters but the series' as well.


Nightwing #6CBR: "Nightwing" issue #8 and #9 are tied into the "Night of the Owls" event. With #8 actually hitting stores in April, would it be considered the prelude to the event with #9 being the full-on action issue?


Kyle Higgins: Actually, in the case of Nightwing, both issues #8 and #9 are full on part of the event. It'll make more sense when you read "Batman" that month, how the timing of it all works., but Dick Grayson's involvement in the "Night of the Owls" event necessitated two issues worth of story, so that's why I started a month early.


CBR: You've known about "Night of the Owls" and have been planning for it for a while with Scott Snyder. Even though all of the books in the event are separate and you don't have to read all of them to get the full picture, is "Nightwing" tied a little closer to "Batman" and to the Court Of Owls mystery than the other series might be?


Kyle Higgins: Incredibly tied, yes. I'm certainly biased, but I'd definitely be reading "Nightwing" for the next couple of issues leading up to "Night of the Owls."


CBR: Getting into the specifics, obviously one of the Talons is going after Mayor Hady. With the books in the event all getting their own Talons to oppose their heroes. Your Talon happens to be the one who already faced off agains Batman — how does he relate to Dick and the story?


Kyle Higgins: Well, he's the best of the best. To me, the interest is, as I'm looking to take Nightwing to the future and carve out his place in Gotham City, the threats he faces are going to get bigger and bolder. So, if this is the Talon that gave Batman a run for his money across five issues, how does Nightwing stack up?


For the entire interview, including talk about the "Prince of Gotham" idea, head over to Comic Book Resources. Nightwing #6 will be in stores tomorrow, February 15.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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