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Higgins on Saiko and Night of Owls

Nightwing has been busy ever since the character's first issue of the New 52 hit stores. Everything from taking on Saiko to inheriting a circus, Dick has had month after month of events. And according to writer Kyle Higgins, the busyness will not let up going forward. Newsarama talked with Higgins about what is coming up in Nightwing as well as how busy one hero can be.


Nightwing #6Newsarama: At the end of Nightwing #5, we saw the reveal of who's behind Saiko's mask. (And is it pronounced, "say-koh" or "sigh-koh?")


Kyle Higgins: It's "sigh-ko," and in Japanese it means "the best." And when we were trying to decide on a name for him, I liked how it looked in print… even though it sounds like "psycho" when you pronounce it.


Newsarama: When will we find out more about Raymond and his motivations to be Saiko and attack Dick?


Kyle Higgins: Issue #6 and #7, which are the culmination and wrap-up of the first arc. The circus comes back to Gotham City for a memorial show, which ties into what Raymond and Raya have been planning for some time. We'll learn quite a bit more about Raymond and his motivations, and what exactly he means when he says Dick Grayson is the fiercest killer in Gotham.


Newsarama: You said the circus starts heading back to Gotham next issue. What brings them that direction?


Kyle Higgins: There’s a tribute show for the Flying Graysons that Haly’s has decided to put on, which also brings back some of the ideas I've been setting up with Dick not always being comfortable confronting the things he doesn't want to deal with.


Newsarama: We know that Nightwing will tie into "The Night of the Owls." How many issues is the Nightwing tie-in?


Kyle Higgins: It's two issues, in #8 and #9.


Newsarama: Solicitations tease that Nightwing is tasked with saving the mayor of Gotham during "Night of the Owls." Does this storyline we're reading now set up anything for Nightwing's role in that later crossover?


Kyle Higgins: It does. It sets up his involvement in Night of the Owls, especially from a thematic standpoint. In a lot of ways, Dick and Bruce are going through a very similar thing right now in Nightwing and Batman. Bruce is realizing that he may not know Gotham City as well as he thought he did, and Dick Grayson is learning that he may not know himself and his past the way the thought he did. And there's kind of a parallel story there about not letting your past define you, not letting outside facets define you. So this current arc sets up Dick’s role in Night of the Owls in that way. Also, Nightwing saving the mayor during the event is something that's going to be setting up the future direction of the series as well. "The Night of the Owls" crossover is a big turning point for Nightwing.


For the entire interview, including talk about Raya, head over to Newsarama. Nightwing #6 hits stores in three weeks.

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