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Higgins Talks Nightwing with IGN

Kyle Higgins took some time to talk with IGN about some of the questions some have been wondering since the launch of the new series as well as some hints at what the future could hold for Dick Grayson.


Nightwing #3IGN: We know that the book acknowledges Dick's time as Batman, but will we see any sort of developments as to why he gave up the mantle when this series begins?


Kyle Higgins: You know, we've talked about it, but other than the feeling that he prefers being Nightwing to being Batman, no, we probably won't see anything like this. There's a very focused, concerted effort by everyone at DC to push to the future and not get caught up in old continuity—which, I know, is a conundrum since our first arc is very heavy on Dick's past—but at this point, while we're acknowledging Dick's time as Batman and how he grew and developed during it, we're not going to be mining it too much in the way that you're talking about.


IGN: What kind of a supporting cast can we expect in Nightwing, aside from the usual suspects of Bruce and co.? Are you creating any new characters specifically for this title?


Kyle Higgins: I'm creating a lot, actually. It's one of the most exciting — and daunting — aspects of the relaunch. Like I said before, there's a big focus on "new," which extends to all supporting casts, villains, etc. The circus characters play a part in the book, and will continue to even after our first arc… though it won't be in the way that anyone expects.


For the entire interview, including talk about whether or not Officer Grayson will be returning, head over to IGN. Nightwing #3 hits stores in two weeks.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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