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Higgins Talks Nightwing with Newsarama

Kyle Higgins is approaching his unofficial one year anniversary in The Batman Universe and continues to surprise everyone with not only his understanding of Dick Grayson, but also his love of the character. Newsarama caught up with Higgins at New York Comic Con and talked to him about what is coming up in the series, and more importantly who is coming up.


Nightwing #2Newsarama: In the latest solicitations, it's been revealed that he's going to be traveling with the circus. Is that what guides the settings in this arc?


Kyle Higgins: Yes. He's going to go out with the circus. The events that happen in issue #2 are going to push Dick in a direction where, in order to find the answers to the mystery about the circus and himself, he ends up traveling with the circus.


What's cool is that, as he goes from city to city, as he's trying to find these answers, there are new threats coming up in each issue, and those are not going to be just one-and-done characters.


So the new villains and new threats he encounters while he's traveling with the circus are all going to come back to the book again. It's all part of my plan to build a rogues gallery for Nightwing. I'm doing it by taking him out on the road initially. So when he returns to Gotham, all these villains that he's affected during their encounters now have vendettas against him and will filter back to Gotham City… And they'll be different from when we first see them.


Newsarama: Scott Snyder told us it wasn't a coincidence that Dick Grayson was implicated at the end of both Batman and Nightwing. That was on purpose?


Kyle Higgins: Very much so. I've known what Scott has been planning for Batman since before we launched Gates of Gotham. Before that project was even in the works, Scott and I were working on story ideas because he'd read my Nightrunner material and we just gelled and became really good friends really fast. He was sharing his pitches, and I was running my pitches past him that I was preparing for DC.


So when I was writing my first issue of Nightwing, I wanted to strengthen the twist that Scott was doing at the end of Batman. Dick Grayson plays a prominent role in Batman.


Newsarama: Let's talk about issue #4 of Nightwing. We get to see Barbara Gordon working with Dick?


Kyle Higgins: Yes! She comes down to Miami working a case that she started in Gotham.


Newsarama: But we'll see them together first in Batgirl #3. Does this meeting connect to that meeting?


Kyle Higgins: I'll just say that Gail Simone's issue #3 of Batgirl leaves things in such a way that it makes sense for me to follow up.


For the entire interview, including Dick's history with Deathstroke, head over to Newsarama. Nightwing #2 is in stores today.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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