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Higgins Talks Taking Nightwing to Chicago

In Nightwing #18, Tony Zucco resurfaced in Chicago in a big bad way much to Dick's surprise. In an interview with Comic Vine, Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins talked about Dick going to Chicago to hunt down Zucco, if we will see famous Chicago buildings in the comic, how Dick and Sonia will react to the news of Zucco's return, Dick's money situation and more!


Comic Vine: Obviously I love Chicago but why was that city chosen rather than another real or fake one?


Kyle Higgins: Chicago is…well, I'm not gonna lie, it's where I'm from. There's definitely a personal connection there for me. It's also a place I know very well. I think there's a lot of interesting aspects to it that places like New York also has. It's also a place where, in the DC Universe, very little has been explored, if any at all. The appeal to me was going some place that is iconic and also allows me the room to world build. I can develop a history and mythology that can be inherent to Nightwing.


Comic Vine: Does that mean you have the freedom to do whatever you want to the city? Like you can make yourself the mayor?


Kyle Higgins: Ha ha, actually I am the Mayor. Spoiler. (laughs0 Yeah, within the realm of good taste. There hasn't been anything really established in Chicago in the New 52. Gotham's on the east coast. I wanted to do something that had a bit of a different flavor from the east coast cities. We'll see what people think.


Comic Vine: Will actual buildings be used in the art when Dick swings around on patrol?

Kyle Higgins: That's actually a big point of conversation between myself and Brett [Booth]. Nightwing's definitely in Chicago. It's accurate to a point. I include a lot of reference for Brett and a lot of settings and locations that are real places within the city. But at the same time, it's like the extreme version of Chicago. There are definitely extra buildings. There are some changes that we're making to make Nightwing's life a bit easier. That said, his apartment is located right next to an 'El' stop [elevated rapid transit]. Which provides easy access from the roof of the train. There are things like that we're trying to bring to the series to kind of make it feel like a real place.


Comic Vine: Since it might be a coincidence if both Dick and Nightwing show up in Chicago, will he take on another civilian identity?

Kyle Higgins: No, he'll be doing everything as Dick Grayson. He's moving to Chicago for one very specific reason and that is to hunt down Tony Zucco, the man that killed his parents. As far as Dick is concerned, he's only going to be there for a couple weeks. He's not that concerned identity-wise. It's not really something that's factored in. It's also a huge city, you know? It's not something we're really shining a light on. And since he plans on being there a short period of time, he's sub-letting an apartment.


Comic Vine: So he's not going to worry about a job?

Kyle Higgins: Right, at this point, no. He doesn't have very much money. What he did have burned up with Amusement Mile. I think we say in the issue he's down to his last Nightwing suit. So if it gets torn, he needs to figure out how to fix it and that sort of thing. But we'll see what the future holds, depending on how this first quest of his plays out.


Nightwing #19 comes out on April 17. To read the entire interview click here!


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