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Hot Toys: 1/6 Scale The Dark Knight Batman Armory Set


Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for making highly detailed collectible merchandise. For the longest time, Hot Toys has made detailed Batman collectibles and the next installment is The Dark Knight- Batman Armory Set.


As seen in The Dark Knight, Batman has his specialized armory stored in the geometric unit. The set will complete with most of the gadgets, weapons, and utility belts. The Batman suit can be displayed in the unit giving the storage appearance as seen in the movie. But, the suit can also be displayed independently as a collecitble figure with removeable head (has parallel eyeball rolling system), interchangeable mouth pieces, hands, and a detachable cape. The set is available for $2,330.



The set can also come with Michael Caine's Alfred Pennyworth collectible figure. The Alfred figure will come complete with a black peacoat, black suit with a red tie, and interchangeable hands that can hold some of the Batman gadets/weapons found in the geometric unit. This set will still come with a Batman suit that will have a removeable head, interchangeable hands and mouth pieces. The set and Alfred collectible figure is available for $3,300.


If you want to add an extra figure to the set such as maybe Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne. The Bruce figure will come complete with a pinstripe suit and interchangeable hands. Now, you can have the entire set complete with the Batman, Alfred, and Bruce Wayne collectible figures for $3,930. 



Posted by Kristina Collins

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