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Inception Coverage

So we all know that Chris Nolan has put all of his attention on a certain movie. This movie has peeked the interest not only Batman fans, but also cinema fans. Even though this has nothing to do with Batman other than a degree of separation, we want to cover this just to hype something that Nolan has devoted a fair amount of time on and to support the film. The success of this film will be a big part of Nolan moving on to Batman 3 and other DC Universe projects down the line.


So I first want to point out a really good set of articles that was sent over to me. Trevor Hogg of FlickeringMyth.com did a retrospective of Chris Nolan. He has broken this into three parts. The first one covers Chris Nolan's early days with film up. The first part can be found here. The second part covers Nolan's move to Hollywood and his first three major motion pictures; Insomnia, Batman Begins, and The Prestige. That article can be found here. The next part features what many consider Nolan's best work so far; The Dark Knight. It also covers everything that is known so far about Inception. That part can be found here.


So take a look at those articles and learn more about Chris Nolan. Nolan is most likely return for Batman 3 and we want to show our support for not only the Batman films, but also the great director that helms them. Take some time this weekend and head to the theater to see Inception. Critics are raving about it and it is already getting some Oscar buzz. It would be ironic if Nolan won an Oscar for this, since we all know he got screwed in 2009. Nick will be reviewing the film after the weekend. I am looking forward to it and I think you should too.


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