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Infinite Crisis: New Batman Characters Added


The PC multiplayer online battle area (MOBA) DC game, Infinite Crisis, has been in a closed beta game since May 2013. According to the February 2014 issue of GameInformer, the game is set to be opened to the public this spring 2014. Everyday, Turbine (game developer) is fixing the tweaks, balancing, and changing the closed beta to improve quality for MOBA players. New characters have been announced for the game such as Harley Quinn, Robin, and most recently Atomic Poison Ivy.


Harley Quinn is a support character that helps teammates to acheive new objectives. Even as a support character, the character's attack (mallet-smashing ultimate) packs a wallop!


Robin is another support character, but is also a brawler. The character is best when paired with another character or placed in a team. The character's attacks (vault kick and emergent leader) prove to be useful in capturing a control point. This Robin character is based on the third Robin, Tim Drake.


The most recent addition is Atomic Poison Ivy  that seems to be a must add to a team. Her attacks are lethal, but takes time such as her "bramble rapture" to bring opposing characters to their doom. 





Posted by Kristina Collins

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