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Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us Year: Five #3 (Digital Chapters #5-6)

injusticeSynopsis: Starting off the issue, Bizarro is still in Germany and staying with the nice older man who had found him in the street. The man is a tailor and presents a Superman uniform for Bizarro. Bizarro sees himself in a mirror and notices that the “S” is backwards. The tailor tries to explain that it is a reflection but Bizarro rips the “S” off and demands it to be fixed. The tailor reverses the “S” and Bizarro puts on the reverse uniform.


In a lead mine in Alaska, Batman is discussing with Batgirl about Bane’s plan of abducting Catwoman and drawing Batman out into the open. After ending the call with Batgirl, Batman turns around and its revealed that Luthor is also with him. They debate the use of “villains” on both sides in the war and the shortage of the enhancing green pills.


In Bludhaven, Damian is running along rooftops remembering Nightwing when he is approached by the League of Assassins. They ask him to lead the league as an Al Ghul. When Damian refuses, they accuse him of being a lap dog for Superman and his Regime. In anger, Damian proceeds to kill all of them.


At the Regime’s headquarters, Wonder Woman tells Superman that Bane and the other villains are torturing Catwoman and she does not agree with the Regime utilizing torture to stop the Insurgency. The chapter ends with Bane realizing that Catwoman will not give up Batman’s location and needing to try a different approach to get to Batman.


Chapter six opens in Gotham with a group of citizens talking about the new Regime and their loss of freedom. Two men are whispering about how Bane kidnapped Catwoman. A disguised Harley Quinn overhears and leaves to join Batgirl and Batwoman in getting Catwoman back. Batman arrives and they see that Bane is waiting outside Wayne Manor and challenging him to face him. Batman steps out on the front door of Wayne Manor in full view of the press. Bane and him begin to fight but Batman is clearly evading him. Bane does land a punch which reveals that it was merely a hologram he was fighting. While they had been fighting, Batgirl located Catwoman and started to fight Killer Croc who had still been watching her.


Back at Wayne Manor, Superman and other Regime members are there to reign in Bane and capture any Insurgents. The issue ends with the Batmobile flying onto the scene and smashing into Bane while Batman ejects and lands in front of Superman.


Thoughts: These two chapters were another fun read for me this week. They were both pretty much set up for the coming showdown between Batman and Superman. The artwork was solid as usual. I am really enjoying the look of Bizarro and am looking forward to seeing him enter the story. Additionally, the art team of Redondo and Albarran really delivered the best Damian scene up to date in this Injustice universe. Seeing his new look plus his rejection of the Al Ghul heritage was very intense and showed the sheer brutality that Damian is capable of alongside the Regime.


Like I said before, this issue was mostly just filler for the upcoming face off between Clark and Bruce. The plot point of Bane abducting and torturing Catwoman to get Bruce to show himself was a good way to make that happen. Although they are keeping us focused on the two big guys facing off, its exciting to see Bizarro’s story getting sprinkled in and I have a feeling that his arrival will definitely elevate the story.


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