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Review: Injustice Gods Among Us Chapter #35

Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter #35This chapter opens where the previous left off; Batman is in the Batcave analyzing the green pill acquired by Green Arrow from the Fortress of Solitude in the previous chapter. During the process of his examination Batman receives a mysterious transmission with a simple message, “He’s coming…leave now.”


With the blood of Oliver Queen still on his hands, Superman appears behind Batman and the two begin to argue about the true source of Gotham’s insanity: namely being Batman. Bruce calls Clark delusional, while Superman is prepared to end it all. Batman postulates that somewhere deep down, Superman really wants to be stopped by Batman…it’s why he personally appeared in the cave rather than “lobotomizing him from space with heat vision.”


Batman counters that unlike Superman he is not a murderer and cannot kill his friend; Bruce distracts the Man of Steel with a video recording of Clark and Lois’ wedding vows while Batman states that since Lois’ death he stopped “doing things for her,” and that Clark has lost his humanity.


Springing into action, the Dark Knight releases an ultrasonic pulse calling the bats from within his cave towards Superman (very Batman Begins), Bruce dashes towards the batcomputer which for all this time has been continuing its analysis of the super-pill. But before he can reach it, Superman grabs Bruce…rips off his mask, and like Bane before him, raises the Batman high above his head and brings his back crashing down upon his knee. The issue ends with Batman’s screams.


Wow. What an issue. I really love this series. Ever since we got a glimpse of this reality during the video game storyline I have been anxiously anticipating the fall from grace that Superman took that transforms him into the High Councilor. And with this issue I think we’re there. Superman has finally gone off the deep end, first killing Green Arrow and now with the breaking of Batman (at least we assume he’s broken).


Although this issue is lacking in the action department, the writing is very well done. It’s a little heartbreaking to hear Batman trying to bring Superman back from the edge, and then ultimately realizing his friend his gone. And there are of course a couple nice nods to both The Dark Knight Returns and Knightfall…the latter being the obvious last panel of the chapter, while the former reference comes from Batman talking about donning a giant metal suit and hitting Superman over and over again.


The art is also pretty decent, although it is a simple issue between Batman and Superman in the Batcave. I really liked the panels of Bruce dropping the sonic device and of course the final spine snapping ending.


A very excellent issue that left this reader anticipating next week’s release. I’m also very curious on who this mysterious person was who tried to warn Bruce, most likely it is probably Oracle but it would be interesting to see if they twist this reveal into someone else.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter #35:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ryan Blair

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