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JL Rumor Mill: Bale and Nolan to Return for Justice League Movie


There have been several Justice League movie rumors over the last few months, most of which haven't been good news, but this latest story is sure to get everyone talking!


Latino Review is reporting that Christoper Nolan will now be overseeing the DC Cinematic Universe, and will be producing the Justice League movie along with Zack Snyder, who may even direct the movie. But that's not all, Latino Review is also reporting that with Nolan producing the Justice League film, Christian Bale may also be returning as Batman in the movie!


While this does conflict with what Nolan and Bale have said in the past about The Dark Knight trilogy being in it's own separate universe from other superheroes, and Nolan himself has said that overseeing a Justice League movie is something he thinks wouldn't do, this is probably the perfect way for Warner Bros. to get some excitement and positive vibes back for the Justice League movie project. Of course this is still just a rumor for now, but it does make sense for Warner Bros. to try with all their power to make this happen.


You can check out the full article and a video of this story over at Latino Review.


Posted by Dane Haji.

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  • schen

    I really do hope that this goes through. Bringing back Nolan and Bale is definitely what WB needs to jump start this JL project. Though I wonder how this will go considering DKR's ending. One route I think they could do is have the JL film set between Dark Knight and DKR. Who says Bruce didn't put on the cowl secretly somewhere else.

  • Joe Jinks

    I don't like the sound of this; I think Nolan's Batman is too far removed from the DC Universe and to be honest I've never really liked it, at the very least I want to see something new! If WB just use him as a name to sell the franchise then that's fine, but I don't want to see much of his influence on the Justice League films. Having said that, I'm looking forward to 'Man of Steel' and may change how I feel about this once I see his influence on that film.
    As for Bale, again I want to see someone new and his role in the film would conflict with the Dark Knight Trilogy, having said that, I wonder how willing people would be to accept a new Batman. Similarly with Green Lantern, they messed up his film (although I'm not as opposed to it as a lot of people seem to be- maybe I'll have to watch it again) but will people be ready for another Green Lantern so soon? Although I guess it didn't matter for the Hulk…

  • Tim Geraci

    This news has gotten me real excited for the Justice League movie again if it ends up being true! I love the idea of Bale's Batman teaming up with Superman and other superheros of the DC universe. I was never one to think that his Batman couldn't work in a universe with other heroes. Though I'm curious to see how they're going to make this work with how The Dark Knight Rises ended.

  • dave

    i am big fan of christian bales body of work and thought he was the best Batman we've seen on screen.  however Nolan's grounded vision of the batman universe IMO doesn't gel well with super powered heroes, alien villains or teaming with a justice league.  it won't work and would go against so much of the story told, the characters developed and themes explored in Nolans films.  
    A new actor and a fresh take on the character would be the best fit for a JL movie.  we'll see where this rumour goes i guess,