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Joker Says #4

Joker Says


Greetings bat babies it’s your dear old Uncle Joker back again. Did you miss me? Of course you did. What a silly question.


Well I have been busy putting the final touches to my grand scheme to finally kill bat booby. What are my plans? Well you just wait until Villain month to find out what it is. But trust me when I say it is going to be glorious…delightful and magnificent. OHHHHHHH I just want to tell you but then it will ruin the surprise and I like surprises. Like razor blades in cakes or Joker fish for dinner.


Well what a busy few months it has been since I went away; we have had all sorts of crazy things happen explosions, bombs, man hunts, fires and everything in between. It has been chaos and madness everywhere. I LOVE IT!!! Everyone enjoys a little bit of chaos and disorder it makes everything so much fun. Everyone falls apart and goes mad. When everything is going to plan no one panics, even if the plan is horrifying. But introduce a little chaos into the mix and everyone loses their mind. I mean look at those wannabe batman’s. They spent hours trying to find those bombers on the internet and got the wrong person. They all panicked and found just some guy with a back pack. Who had nothing to do with anything.


It was like when they announced that the government was spying on people. Everyone panicked again it was as if they were banning porn from the internet. I mean who would do that…oh wait. Thirteen year old boys are going to have to go back to using their imagination and old men will have to talk to their wives. It is going to be madness! Besides trust me I have been through some of your emails and it is really dull stuff. I don’t think the government are going to care about it. But just to let you know, Gary no it is not normal.


Honestly I think we all need a little chaos in our lives. So I challenge you to do so. Do something crazy on Monday that you would never think of doing. I say tear up your work paper, throw it in the air and shout “Why So Serious”. I think that will bring a lovely bit of chaos to everyone’s day.


That is all for this month I need to go finish my plan for killing boopsey. But don’t fear I will be back next month. Maybe you have a question for your dear Uncle J. If you do leave it below and if it is not insane and stupid maybe I will answer it. Go on I dare you….

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