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Judd Winick on Launching Batwing

IGN continues their set of New 52 interviews with an interview with Judd Winick. Although Winick is writing multiple series, Batwing was the topic of discussion. Starting a hero from essentially the ground up is a undertaking none-the-less, so how does Winick feel about it?


Batwing #1IGN: As a part of Bruce Wayne's Batman Inc. initiative, what role will the original Batman be playing in Batwing's series?


Judd Winick: Batman is Batwing's, David Zavimbe's, benefactor. Less of a mentor, more of a boss. Batwing is a franchise of Batman Inc. But Batman mostly lets David find his own way. The story is an evolving story. We begin with a lot of roaring action, and the details of who Batwing is and how he came to be unfold later.


We didn't want to try and blast out of the gate and spill everything about him. We felt that after a few issues, the readers will have gotten to know him. But the story that gets us there itself is really gripping, emotional and horrifying.


IGN: Will we see the evolution of the man behind the mask and how he came to be a part of the Bat-family?


Judd Winick: Yes. Again it's rolled out bit by bit. Batwing was a crime fighter before he became Batwing. And it's a dark origin. He's a Batman, so, it's not an easy road that lead him to becoming someone who takes off into the night and hunts criminals.


And then, we'll tell the tale of when Batman brings him into the fold.


For the entire interview, including talk about bring a minority character into the DC Universe, head over to IGN. Batwing #1 is in store today.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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