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Judd Winick Talks Catwoman with IGN

Catwoman has had a number of series in the past and most recently some may argue that she was the main star of Gotham City Sirens. With Selina separating herself from Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, she sets out on her own in the form of a new series written by Judd Winick. IGN caught up with Winick to discuss Selina's new series.


Catwoman #1IGN: Who is Catwoman to you? What role does she play in the life of Bruce Wayne and Gotham City?


Judd Winick: Catwoman is addicted to danger. She's a leap-before-you-look sort of person. She's someone who has a dark and mysterious past that has made her into what she is. She's pretty brilliant, which is both a help and a hindrance. The help: it's made her a really excellent thief. Being a great criminal is not unlike being a detective. You gotta do your due diligence. You gotta do your leg work, your intel, talk to your insiders, know your moves, make a plan and execute it. Much of this story will have a low-tech Ocean's 11 feel. It's about the job — the caper. The hindrance for Selina being this smart? She's so good at what she does, that very little has been able to stop her.


And Bruce Wayne/Batman is an addiction as well. Nothing could be dumber for a thief than to be "pursuing" Batman. But she just can't help herself. Gotham is place of wealth, power and dirt. Catwoman does very well with all three of those descriptors.


IGN: Do Bruce and Selina have a history here, or are we going to witness their relationship develop?


Judd Winick: Yes and yes.


IGN: Most recently, Catwoman has been running amok with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Does she have any friends/allies in this new series, or is this a one-woman show?


Judd Winick: We are getting back to basics. So, much of it is her flying solo. But she's got people. There's a fence who sells her stolen goods and also happens to be a great "intel" source. There will be a cop. There will be Batman.


IGN: Will Holly be featured in the book at all?


Judd Winick: I love Holly Robinson. I always have, but no. This is a fresh start, and Holly is not part of it. Let the griping begin!


The truth is, Holly doesn't fit into this persona of Catwoman. Selina is younger. She less dependable. And I don't see her playing big sister to anyone. For me, that's what Holly always was: her kid sister. And I loved that. But we're going elsewhere now.


For the entire interview, including talk about Guillem March's art, head over to IGN. Catwoman #1, written by Judd Winick, hits stores this week.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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