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Justice League Info Abounds


Interesting tidbits continue to come to light in regards to Zack Snyder’s now-wrapped-for-production Justice League. Jesse Eisenberg had already promised Lex Luthor would appear for the DC team-up. Now Warner Brothers 2017 press materials for Justice League confirm his appearance as well as other interesting details. Another representative of the super-powered world, Connie Nielsen now has a credit as Hippolyta in the current cast listing. Already confirmed for Wonder Woman, Nielsen’s appearance means we can expect the world of Princess Diana to collide with Justice League just as much as that of the Dark Knight.


Additionally, Total Film reports Henry Cavill revealed that Batman and Superman will exchange words once more for Justice League. This time it will be over who should be designated as leader of the fledgling metahuman group. While Cavill’s Superman will apparently be back from the dead to hold arguments, expect this debate to have a much lighter air than the last engagement between the two titans.


And one final note is that screenwriter Chris Terrio will now receive an Executive Producer credit for Justice League.


Does Lex Luthor’s appearance mean we’ll be seeing Arkham Asylum in Justice League? Who will ultimately lead the team into battle in 2017? Sound off below!

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