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Review: Justice League #28

Overview: The Justice League settle in with their newfound children from the future. Wonder Woman in the Watchtower starts to believe that she is the cause of the dystopian future the children came to stop.


Synopsis (spoilers ahead): “Legacy Part Three” opens on the Kent Farm. The Kents along with Hunter are having dinner. Hunter is describing his how big Jon was when he was growing up. Jon says that he has gotta tell Damian. This causes Hunter to reminiscence that he hasn’t seen Damian since and trails off. Clark changes the subject and suggests that Hunter go get some clean clothes. Lois suggest that Jon show Hunter where the bathroom is. Jon excitedly takes Hunter by the arm and runs to show him the way.


Clark and Lois discuss the situation in the kitchen. Clark is concerned that the League may have caused the future that these kids fled from. Lois pushes Clark saying that maybe the kids are in the right time now, maybe they are supposed to be with the League now.


At Arthur Curry’s lighthouse in Amnesty Bay. Dory and Mera bond. Dory asks where Arthur is and Mera just says that it is complicated. Mera in turn asks Dory about her and Hunter and she in turn says that it is complicated. This is the first I see something between Dory and Hunter, it prior issues it is shown that Cruise is having a relationship with Hunter not Dory. Dory starts to cry. She is concerned that they may change the past and maybe she is not Mera’s daughter, not yet or not ever. Mera hugs her and says that she is her daughter today.


At the Foundry in Metropolis, Cyborg and Silas Stone examine Cube. In character, Silas rambles on about Cube’s technology. Vic suggests that Silas talk to his grandson. Silas does stop and starts to introduce himself. Cube interrupts and tells Silas who he is and that they have never met. In fact Silas dies three years from now and Cube suggests that Silas get a healthier diet and exercise. Vic quips that Cube gets his social skills from his father.


Vic changes the subject and and tells Cube that he notices that he is accessing all the world’s networks. Cube says that he feels alive again, where he comes from, there is no signals of any kind, it is like a dark age. Cube says that before Vic dies, he left a copy of himself but it was not the same because he could not join with the copy. He did have his dad to talk to, which the others did not. Silas questions this joining and Cube asks his father if we would like to join now and Cyborg agrees.


In Barry’s place in Central City, Cruise and Flash return home after running back and forth to New York. Flash admits that Cruise maybe faster than him and changes out of his costume. Jessica comes in and tells the two to keep the noise down, the twins are asleep. Cruise apologizes then asks if she can call Jessica, “mom.” Jessica does not mind and she hugs Cruise in a panel that just looks weird to me. Cruise notices that the twins are blue, literally, the color blue. Jessica tells her that blue is the color of hope. Cruise quips that there has not been much hope around and Jessica suggests that maybe there will be since they found the League. Barry collapses on the couch and Jessica asks Cruise if she is tired. Cruise tells her that she never gets tired but instead falls fast asleep on Barry’s chest with a smile on her face.


Jessica asks Barry if the kids really are their future. Barry is not sure, but they need their help and that is enough. Jessica agrees.


In Midway City, Simon Baz has erected a quarantine bubble after the devastation from issue 26. Steve and ARGUS are there with him. Simon says that the quarantine is indefinite, some contagion was there. Steve tells Simon that he has read the reports but the League was there as well and the League could have also been infected. Simon scans himself and finds nothing unusual on himself but he does detect something and isolates the frequency. What is seen is some black thread over everything including the soldiers. Steve draws his side arm and asks Simon if has seen this before. Simon says no and that he and Steve are clear. Once Steve and ARGUS finishes the evacuation, Simon is going to permanently lock Midway City down until they can figure out how to counter this. Simon intensifies the field and he think he hears a voice saying grow, feed, and feast.


Back with the Kents, Clark finds Hunter wearing his clothes. They do not fit too bad. Hunter is staring into what was his room before. He tells Clark that he can remember everything, all the smells, sounds, and sights. He remembers the stories he and Lois read him when he was crying at night, the way the shadows moved across the ceiling, everything. In the dark times, he would think about growing up and sometimes he could drown out the world they found themselves living in. Clark admits that he cannot know how he feels. Hunter tells Clark to not be sorry, he gave him a home when his mother abandoned him. Again Clark tells Hunter that he cannot imagine Diana abandoning anyone. Hunter retorts that he does not need to imagine it, after all he lived it. Clark insists that Diana has compassion for the whole world. Hunter is welcome to stay as long as he wants and the room they are in can be his room again. Hunter muses that he might be too old for stories and Clark says that no one is too old for stories and gets up to leave the room saying that he can come down when he is ready. Hunter touches Clark’s arm and says thank you dad and Clark turns to leave.


Before he does, he turns and asks about what happened to Jon. Hunter tells Clark that Jon fought by his side and he died there too along with Lois. Clark assures Hunter that they will beat this and stop the darkness. Hunter tells Clark that when the Kindred sang, it was already too late. Hunter insists that the League should have destroyed the Kindred and Clark responds that such an action would have killed thousands. Hunter sighs and says that sometimes the only choices are bad and worse. Clark responds that if he raised Hunter, he would know that Clark would never allow thousands to die for any reason. Hunter says that he knows Clark would make the same choice, but he also knows that Clark could not save everyone. Hunter admits that it feels so good being back but it is only an echo.


On board the Watchtower, Wonder Woman with the help of the AI genie examine the footage of the Kindred attack. As before, Genie asks Diana if she would like to play a game but she answers that she is not in the mood for games. Genie says that Bruce was not interested in games either. She wants to review the Kindred footage. Genie accesses Vic’s files and she watches them. Genie tells her that Bruce was examining the footage also until his friend arrived. Wonder Woman wonders what part she has to play in the future. She admits that much of what she has thought true of herself has been found to be a lie, and she can feel the truth of things. She asks to see the fear creature. Diana remembers that she was ready to go to war with the world that day. Those feelings were not given to her, they were already there. Now she is searching for the truth. She now asks for the Midway City footage. Diana recognized the fear in the people as they tore each other apart. It was like the fear creature but much more powerful.


When the portal opened up and allowed the kids in, she felt it again. She felt a great wound of pain and hatred. She has been testing the truth of this before the kids arrived. What if the darkness is caused by her, what if the war was with her after all. Cube picks this up and contacts Hunter immediately.


Lois and Clark in their room discuss Hunter. Jon wants to show Hunter around and Clark wonders if that is a good idea since he is troubled. Lois tells Clark to give him time, he is going to need their help.


Cube tells Hunter that he was connected to the Watchtower and heard Diana. Hunter says that this is their chance to save the future, they have to kill Wonder Woman.


Analysis: This is another character and set up issue before the fourth part features the struggle. We get individual scenes of the kids with their parents and the peace of family life.


There really is not much to say about the story. It was refreshing to see the kids in the past and it was touching seeing each of the characters fit in to their new roles, but Hunter always seems to be different. He notices the peace, but he does not accept the peace. He is always looking at what happened in the future and for him that is not hard as Clark asks about the future where the others really do not look at the bigger picture outside of their own little spheres.


The problem I have is this relationship that to me is suddenly mentioned between Hunter and Dory. I did not pick up any relationship in their previous scenes. Dory always seem to play the regal figure even chastising Cruise for coddling Hunter. Perhaps Mera is picking up on that since her relationship with Arthur is on her mind.


The art is mostly good. I like how the backgrounds in the different scenes give different affects. I fell the comfort of the homes and the waves and Amnesty Bay. The lab feels very cold and techy especially in seeing Cruise sitting on an examining chair like at a dentist’s office.


Wonder Woman is looking a little better. The artist really captures her inner conflict as she analyzes the past and comes to her conclusion.


The panel that I was not sure of was the panel on page eight. The hug between Cruise and Jessica looks weird. In studying the panel, I see that Cruise is actually hugging Jessica and Jessica does not look like she is reciprocating. It is possible that this is showing Jessica’s surprise when she admits that she does not mind that Cruise call her mom. On glance, the art just looked confusing. I kind of liked that, it stopped me in my reading and writing this review to really study the art here and that for me was fun since I do not consider myself and artist.


I do want to bring up the cover. It is very deceiving. It suggests that we will see Curry from the from the future and he will attack the rest of the League. This never happens in the issue, Curry is not even seen, only vaguely hinted at during the Watchtower scene. Diana seems to miss a lot about Bruce in that scene, no comment on Bruce not wanting to play games or this mysterious friend Genie mentions.


Final Thoughts: Now that we seem to have the action set up, I am looking forward to the future of this arc.


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