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Review: Justice League #29

Overview: Curry from the future begins his attack on the Justice League. The kids from the future attack Wonder Woman but the infection from Midway City attacks and envelops her.


Synopsis (spoilers ahead): “Legacy Part Four” opens in the Kent farmhouse. Clark asks Lois where Jon is. Lois tells him that he went to school. Clark tells her that Hunter has left and he cannot see him anywhere for miles. Suddenly Clark starts to feel week and senses the presence of kryptonite. Curry attacks with kryptonite and a red solar flare courtesy of Bruce. Curry accuses Clark of allowing the world to become a cesspool. Lois grabs a bat and attacks Curry from behind. Curry grabs her hand and addresses her by name. Lois recognizes the attacker as Arthur, but her questions are cut short when Arthur throws her into the wall causing her to crash through. Curry picks up Clark and carries him into a boom tube.


Meanwhile, Diana continues her investigation in Nova Scotia, where the League fought the Kindred and where they sang the signal. She is in contact with the AI, Genie. She surmises that based on the local interference with her communications the signal is still transmitting. Diana though is not alone.


The kids, the twins, Cruise, Hunter, and Cube are watching from a distance. They are planning their attack. Not all off them is so sure that this is what is needed. Hunter on the other hand is certain that this is the only way to save the future. Jenny starts to glow yellow saying that they cannot fight Wonder Woman. Cruise asks where Dory is and Hunter says that she is not coming.


Their presence however is not a surprise. Wonder Woman can hear them and she does not want to fight them, but she will. The lantern kids attack and Wonder Woman defends herself by blocking their combined blast with her shield. Cruise tries to rush her, but ends up caught by her lasso. Diana throws Cruise into the twins knocking them out. Hunter jumps her and brings her down.


Back at the farm house, Batman arrives and revives Lois. Lois starts to tell Bruce what happened and Bruce explains that he knows. Batman admits that he has had no response from the rest of the League.


In Barry Allen’s apartment, a boom tube opens up and Curry attacks. He first knocks Barry out brutally and then turns his fist to Jessica. Jessica finds that her ring is not working and we see Curry wearing a Black Lantern ring.


At the Foundry, Cyborg is asking his father where Cube has gone. Suddenly Cyborg finds that he can’t move and Curry opens a boom tube and grabs Vic jumping into another tube with Silas looking on.


At the farmhouse Lois brings Batman up to date on the kids from the future. Lois tells Bruce to keep trying to raise the League. Batman comments that judging from what Curry took from him it is likely that he got them just like he did Clark. Batman admits that the kryptonite and the red solar projector came from him. She wants to have a long talk with him, but first she wants Bruce to find Clark.


The fight continues with Wonder Woman flipping Hunter and holding a sword to his neck. Hunter orders Cube to create a boom tube. All the combatants are transported out.


In Midway City, Trevor and Baz are still working in the disaster area. Trevor asks Baz if everything is locked down. Simon is distracted (a problem for Green Lanterns) but he still hears the voices. The voice says the time has come and open just as the boom tube opens depositing Wonder Woman and the kids. This location was not Cube’s intended transport. Cube says that some interference threw him off. Wonder Woman looks at the anomaly Simon has bottled up and says that if feels alive and familiar. The kids recognize this thing as the darkness. Simon drops the shield and the thing attacks Wonder Woman drawing her in.


At Amnesty Bay, we catch up with Mera and Dory. Dory has some choices to make. Mera asks her and Dory changes the subject to the view and her memories of her family. Mera hasn’t seen Arthur for a while. Mera asks Dory how did she and Arthur die. Dory tells her that Mera died igniting to the end. Mera hears something and reaches for her trident. Dory tells Mera that she didn’t want to tell her and she didn’t know how to. Arthur did not die, it was worse. Dory sees someone. We see that it is the future Arthur. Mera is shocked and Dory moves in to protect Mera saying that she is going to kill Arthur. Dory says that Arthur stopped being her father a long time ago. Arthur is with the darkness and he is there to kill them. Mera asks Arthur if that is true and Arthur tells her no and then says I’m sorry and activates a device. Arthur says announces that the Sovereign has come to reclaim everything she has lost, and she will burn the world to find it.


Next issue, All Hail Sovereign.


Analysis: We get some forward movement in the story. We finally see that Arthur came back into the past to abduct the powered member of the Justice League and he uses Batman’s contingency files to do it. Here we go again, back with Batman’s plans to bring the League down. In my opinion that is rehash of already traveled territory.


The art here is passable. I do not like the close up drawings of the characters. There is something about how the lips are drawn that really turns me off to this art style. I do like the detail in the art though. I like that every panel has some background in it. For example in Midway we see the soldiers in the background and that helps me get over the lips a little better.


My chief complaint though is the punch into Barry’s face. The way the panel is drawn, it looks like Arthur punches Barry’s face in. A blow that looks like it is either fatal or will lead to years of reconstruction.


Final Thoughts: What is the plan of Arthur? Why did he abduct the League? Is Simon being controlled by something? Is Wonder Woman the Sovereign? The story is moving forward, but it is a familiar path and the art may be a little too brutal in some places.


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