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Latest Justice League Trailer Released and Brings Action and Emotion

It’s finally here! The new trailer for Justice League hit this morning and it promises wall to wall action. Take a gander below and then we’ll break down the highlights.


  • With talk of several characters including Iris West and Lex Luthor being cut, Lois Lane is very much a part of the movie
  • The story looks to take some visual cues from the Funeral For a Friend arc after Superman’s death.
  • Whatever powers Steppenwolf possesses, it’s enough to cause entire armies to crumble, literally.
  • The Amazons are brave enough to ride their horses into battles against an alien threat
  • Contrary to his “bad boy” look, Aquaman can’t quite contain the feeling that he’s having the best time.
  • Parademons everywhere!
  • Cyborg seems to be hiding his robotic visage as much as possible thanks to a hoodie.
  • Batman alludes to something “darker” than an invasion. Darkseid perhaps?
  • Wonder Woman and Batman ooze chemistry, might we see them take a romantic page from the Justice League Animated Series?
  • Aside from flashbacks, we see no sign of Superman. Any bets on when he shows up?
  • Flash geeking out over the Batsignal to Bruce is all kinds of hilarious.


The trailer was very action-oriented with only a hint of story. Is the plot being kept under wraps outside of the invasion, or will Justice League be big on flash, little on substance? Sound off with your theories in the comments below.

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