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SDCC 2015: Geoff Johns Announces Justice League: Gods and Men

justice leagueDC held a special spotlight panel for Geoff Johns and he revealed a a new mini-series that will tie into his epic Justice League storyline, “The Darkseid War.” Entitled Justice League: Gods and Men, these six standalone issues will spotlight different characters impacted by the escalating war between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor.


Justice League: Gods and Men is a series of six single issues focusing on key characters in the Darkseid War and extends their individual conflicts against the backdrop of universal Armageddon, with Darkseid squaring off against the Anti-Monitor:


Batman – Armed with the godlike power of the Mobius Chair, the Dark Knight has taken on the role of Metreon and plans to use the infinite knowledge of this device to turn Gotham City into a completely crime-free zone!

Superman – Corrupted by the weird energies of Apokolips’ fire pits, Superman has been turned into an angry, violent brute. And only one man can possibly save him: Lex Luthor.

Green Lantern – Oa has been conquered and transformed into a Parademon factory and the Green Lantern Corps is no more! Only Hal Jordan remains to follow a distress call from the last active Lantern seen fighting on Oa: John Stewart

Lex Luthor – At last, Lex Luthor, the new ruler of Apokolips, can do what he never could accomplish on Earth: hold the fate of a world in his hands. But his one failure from the “Darkseid War” continues to keep him from the peace he craves – and only a crazed Superman can help him get it!

The Flash – The Flash takes on the role of death’s harbinger, the Black Racer. And the beneficiary of his first visit is Aquaman!

Shazam! – Instead of accessing the powers of the old gods, Billy Batson now commands the combined powers of the New Gods like Highfather, Mantis and others trapped within the Source Wall. And that’s power that no mortal should possess!


No creative teams have been announced for these issues yet but Justice League: Gods and Men is set to be released in October 2015.

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