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Documentary Announced for Justice League Mortal

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A new trend is hitting Hollywood and it is sharing the secrets around cancelled film projects to the fans everywhere.


To give a little background for this announcement, you need to know about a film called The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, directed by Jon Schnepp. His film focuses on a Tim Burton Superman film that had Nicholas Cage playing Superman that eventually was cancelled. Schnepp goes in depth with crew members involved with the film’s production. He started the project on Kickstarter and was completely funded. His film isn’t the first film to deal with a cancelled project as there was a 2013 film dealing with Dune.


With George Miller in the news regarding the recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road, a lot of reminders regarding Miller’s Justice League Mortal film have reappeared. The film was set to shoot in 2007 with a planned release in 2009, casting a whole new cast for the roles of the Justice League. If you remember Armie Hammer cast as Batman, that is the film in question.


Ultimately a writer’s strike and tax incentives that fell through, may have been the reason the film was cancelled, but was it? Enter director Ryan Unicomb. Yesterday he announced a documentary project dealing with George Miller’s Justice League film.


His plans for the documentary include interviews with cast and crew members involved on the project as well as reveal some never-before-seen artwork and costumes that were produced for the film.


No word on crowdfunding campaign or potential time frame of work yet. They have yet to set anything up with George Miller, and without his cooperation, they could be stopped in place before they get started.


So what do you think? Would you want to know what really happened to Justice League Mortal? Sound off below.

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