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Kapow 2012: Day Two




Day two at Kapow! and with a slightly later start, the journey up is not quite as painful but once again, the first thing to do upon entry to the convention hall is to queue for the DC panel which will be taking place shortly. This time, DC's The New 52 Panel and a decent turnout considering unseen footage from the upcoming Spiderman film was playing in the next room. The panel consisted of previews for the second wave of DC Comics which have seen their first issues this month, but as usual, the most interesting news came out of the questions section of the panel.


As for TBU specific news:


-Scott Snyder said that in the next two issues of Batman we can expect the big revelations of the whole series with issue eleven being "the giant climax and finish".

-The Batman annual is set to be the reintroduction of Mr. Freeze; redefining him and all that makes him scary whilst adding some new, "shocking" elements to the character.

-The Batman Universe is set out to be a lot more cohesive than before, including Batman Incorporated which will have ties to the rest of the current Bat-Books throughout the series.


DC Universe Spotlight news:


-In Swamp Thing # 10 we will see the reintroduction of Arcane in a special issue drawn by Francesco Francavilla, so if you miss the work Snyder and Francavilla did together in Detective Comics you can definitely check this out, particularly as it's leading to the big cross-over with Animal Man called "Rot World".

-Dan DiDio stated that DC is not looking to do a lot of time travel stories because the focus of the universe should be that it is constantly moving forward.

-Dan DiDio also revealed that this "second wave" will of course not be the only wave as DC plan to keep their line of comics fresh and constantly updated. However, the plan is to keep the number of series at 52 a month, despite many contradictions already.

-Dan DiDio explained that the reason Beast Boy (who will be featured in the Ravagers series) is red is all part of the cohesion of the new DC Universe. Beast Boy is now red to tie in with "the red", the concept from Animal Man. This is not to say that Beast Boy has any ties to Animal Man but red is symbolic of "the red" and the connection that the entire animal kingdom shares in the DCnU, much like Swamp Thing and now Poison Ivy are connected through "the green", the force that is present in the plant kingdom of the DCnU.

-Dan DiDio revealed that an established character will be reintroduced as a prominent gay character.

-A fan asked about the possibility of a DC Animated film based on a story from the new 52, Dan DiDio began to answer but was silenced by Bob Wayne. Dan DiDio followed this up with, "that's the problem with not reading any of the press releases; I have no idea whether this was announced or not", at this point Bob Wayne became very flustered and made DiDio shut up. Whether this was an act or not, it would be reasonable to assume that DiDio was hinting towards the, yet-to-be-officially-announced, upcoming Flashpoint animated film.

-Booster Gold will be featuring as the major role in the upcoming Justice League International annual, co-written by Dan DiDio.


That pretty much sums up all of the DC news but to finish off the day, I managed to snag a quick interview with Scott Snyder which you check out below.



So until next year, this has been Kapow! Comic Con.


Posted by Joe Jinks

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